Full Asset Management


We need assets in business to support core activities and meet business objectives. However, the management of assets rob businesses of the valuable time and resources required to keep the competitive edge. Especially if managing assets is not your core business.

The end user of hygienically managed lubrication need to keep their machinery well lubricated. Well lubricated machinery minimises downtime, complies with warranty requirements and supports managers and leaders to meet their objectives.

Unhygienic or insufficient lubrication can be detrimental to machinery. For managers that rely on assets to produce results, hygienic lubrication is key to the strategy to meet business objectives.

What is managing assets?
Suppling Containers when required and managing

  • Filling
  • Storage
  • Distributing
  • Dispensing
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • GPS tracking and telemetry eg. level sensing

Transtainer can identify and implement innovative ideas that enhance the performance of an asset throughout its lifecycle. We ensure our clients achieve the most cost effective use of their assets by:

  • Helping clients purchase, estimate the number of assets required to provide the most economic solution for the business
  • Develop systems so that clients maintain their assets in the safest, most cost effective and productive manner
  • Ensuring lubrication containers are maintained at optimum levels
  • Keeping our clients’ interests at the forefront of our strategies at all times
  • Our Experienced Asset Management Team

Operating for 10 years with service centres in, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Indonesia. The Transtainer team offers its clients a diverse range of asset management and project management skills, knowledge and experience.

Combined with solid theoretical knowledge and practical ‘know how’ we employ a mix of professional engineers and qualified trades personnel in the mechanical, electrical, software and civil disciplines.