Bunding is part of a compliance requirement. Bunding systems are required for the safe storage and transportation of dangerous and hazardous goods.  Bunds are used in a variety of industries from food manufacturing to chemical blending and production.   Chemical bunds contain volume and spray angle requirements of both the Environmental Protection Agency and Australian Standard AS3780.   Bunds are also required for a wide range of materials to suit all hazardous corrosive 8 chemicals to effectively prevent spillage of chemicals in the event of IBC leakage or failure.  Bunds need to be transportable, static and in some instances moved from one location to another.  Compliance with spray angle requirements is mandatory. (Crest locust formula)

The challenge primarily facing industry is to provide a safe compatible bund which will also provide long service life in use with extremely severe chemicals. Material compatibility over a range of functions and customisation to client’s requirements requires Bunding solutions to be flexible with suitable duty cycles under a range of conditions. While maintaining a safe accessible environment.