Aviation IBC Stainless Steel Heavy Duty (HD)

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Aviation IBC Stainless Steel Heavy Duty




  • 500 L   – AVISSHD500
  • 750 L   – AVISSHD750
  • 1000 L – AVISSHD1000
  • 1250 L – AVISSHD1250
  • 1500 L – AVISSHD1500
  • 1850 L – AVISSHD1850


  • The Trainstainer range of Aviation Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are specifically designed for the transportation, storage and decanting of aviation fuels including Avgas, Avtur and Jet-A1 fuels.
  • These units are UN31A/Y Dangerous Good Approved for the transport of class 3 flammable liquids by road, rail and sea when used in accordance the the UN model regulations for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods, IMO, IMDG code, ADR and ADG codes.
  • The UN31A/Y marking and Transtainer’s UN Packaging Approval 3436 are of world wide approval.


  • Square shape maximises the use of a standard pallet space
  • Combination manway pressure / vacuum vent allows easy access while providing emergency venting in the event of a fire
  • Additional sampling point in base to allow draw off of foreign particles and water
  • 50mm outlet has a 25mm riser pipe to minimise drawing off contaminant that may have settled.


  • Discharge: 50mm ball valve c/w camlocks
  • Sample point: 20mm ball valve c/w camlocks
  • Fill: 50mm fill tube c/w camlocks
  • Vents: Pressure venting 21 kPa
  • Vacuum venting –3.5 kPa
  • Temperature relief 138°C


  • Dry break couplings
  • Desiccant filtration
  • Vapour recovery point
  • Unloader stand
  • 316 L stainless steel
  • Pumping Equipment
  • Dipstick


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