Bund High Sided DG Stainless Steel Single


Bund High Sided DG Stainless Steel Single




  • 1500 Ltr IBC


  • The Transtainer bund systems are designed to safely manage the storage of a large number of chemical reagents and their safe metering into treatment processes. 
  • Specifically designed to use IBC storage as the main feeder tank
  • Ideally suited for all chemicals that are compatible with polyethylene, polypropylene, UPVC, CPVC, PVDF materials.
  • Typically used with sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, acetic acid, SMBS, sodium hydroxide, antiscalant, citric acid and many other chemicals.
  • Stored in bunded units designed to meet the requirements of AS3780 (Storage of Corrosive Chemicals)
  • Can also be used for the storage and metered dispensing of lube oils and other hydrocarbon based chemicals
  • Most units are adapted to meet specific customer project requirements working from a design specification and P&ID


  • Drain: 2” threaded drain bung
  • Lift: 4 top lift cables (empty only)
  • Breather: 1” to 2” male camloc
  • Discharge: 2” ball valve c/w camloc
  • Fill: 2” male camloc


  • Vent line with return back into bund
  • IBC UV sun cover
  • IBC to tank hose
  • IBC tie down strap
  • Dry break couplings
  • Mother daughter decanting frames
  • Custom piping fabrication test to customer’s requirements
  • Stainless steel day tanks and stock tanks
  • Vacuum breaker valves
  • Support for third party dosing systems within bund structure.


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