SEW to show off X and P-X series at AIMEX


Gear and drive manufacturer SEW Eurodrive will show off two of its new product ranges at Asia-Pacific’s International Mining exhibition (AIMEX) in September.

The manufacturer’s P-X Series is designed to give customers the ‘best of both worlds’, by combining the advantages of the planetary gear units and the X Series bevel-helical gear units.

Thanks to the integrated intermediate flange, the P-X range offers compact drives with lower weight and greater stiffness for a torque range between 100 and 500 kNm, SEW says.

“The P-X drives can be used wherever high performance and torque are required in a compact package, for example as drives for bucket-wheel reclaimers, apron feeders, crushers or compact belt drives.”

The P-X bevel-helical planetary gear units are available in seven sizes and cover a torque range from 100 to 500 kNm.

The gear ratio range extends from i = 160 to i = 550.

“The P-X Series is designed for high thermal ratings, as it boasts a shared oil chamber and a thermally optimised housing,” the company says. “It can be used at low temperatures below -25 °C in conjunction with heaters and heating mats.”

Also debuting at AIMEX will be SEW’s X Series agitator range.

Purpose built for agitating and mixing applications within the mining and minerals processing industries, SEW says the range is perfect for when high bending moments combined with high levels of torque are required.

The range is suitable for extreme conditions, such as high ambient temperatures or ATEX, according to the manufacturer.

“In addition to the torque that has to be transmitted, high radial or axial forces are often brought to bear on the output shaft.

“With a flexible product concept, SEW Eurodrive offers a standardised solution with load-specific bearing and output shaft combinations.”

Depending on the load criteria there are different options available within the X Series Agitator range. For light loads, a model with a universal housing for helical gear units and bevel-helical gear units (2- to 4-stage) is available for the torque range between 6.8 and 475 kNm.

For medium and heavy loads, two models are available in the 22 to 90 kNm torque range, which feature a roller bearing design with increased bearing distances.



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